Puzzle Roll-It-Up Mat - Fits up to 1500-piece puzzles 5-piece set

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Antelope Puzzle Roll-It-Up Mat is a good partner for puzzle lovers.

Transport & Keep Puzzles Easily!


Material: Felt Mat
Color: Grey
Size of Mat: 45.6 × 26 inch / 116 × 66 cm
Hold Puzzles: Up to 1,500 pcs
Suitable Age: 12+


1 x Non-Slip Felt Mat

1 x Inflatable Tube

1 x Hand Pump

1 x Storage Bag

3 x Adjustable Velcro Straps

NOTE: NO Puzzles.

How to use?

1. Spread out the mat on a flat surface and and start your puzzle game 8 inch from the edge of the mat. (Iron out the felt first to assure the best results)

2. Fully Inflate the tube (Please note that this is not for life-saving and should not be used in water)

3. Before rolling up the mat, please keep the puzzles flat. Place the tube on either end of the mat and roll the mat over the tube by applying even pressure to make sure all pieces stay together.

4. Tie up the roll with the enclosed band for easy transport and storage.

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