About Us

The idea of creating a puzzle publishing company started in the head of Captain Li, when he got stuck inside of his house because of the current pandemic and trying hard to find something to do. 

Unlike everyone else, it was hard for him to ease into his upcoming retirement life. Being a fashionable fifty-seven-year-old entrepreneur, Captain followed the trend of puzzling to pass his time while staying inside with his family. However, browsing on the internet trying to find a puzzle image he enjoys, he realized that most seem generic. And when he did purchase images he likes, falling puzzle dust became another annoyance. 

Therefore, he decided to solve this problem by himself. He wanted to find creative and talented individuals to compose works for his own puzzles. To bring the beauty of nature and everyday life into the making of his puzzles, he connected with local artists and friends who work at art galleries, producing puzzle images working with world-class designers and photographers. 

In May of 2020, this idea became a reality. Antelope Puzzle began its journey in the puzzling world in a small warehouse in Deer Park, New York. Started with only three puzzle images, we have now expanded to more than 15 products and even puzzle accessories.

Additionally, Captain has assembled a team of young and aspiring minds, assisting him through ways around e-commerce, because he’s puzzled when it comes to technology ;)

We, as a team, have an aspiration to reach and embrace the entire loving puzzle community. From now on, we will continue to provide exceptional services and produce unique and affordable quality products. Antelope Puzzle strives to meet your every demand and hope to grow with our valued customers as a family.




Our Art Director, Alexandre Cornet, is a multidisciplinary French artist, graduated with a BA in Illustration in 2008 at Camberwell college of Arts in London. He began his artistic practice with graffiti and drawing, then moved on to illustration, sculpture and painting. He has participated in different exhibitions internationally, most recent shows being the duo “rumbling Roads” in Hong Kong, the collective “Soho Gallery” in Lima, and his second solo show “Ficciones: cartografías de una ciudad”. He has lived in 4 different countries, with Peru being his current place of residence. Here, his fascination with the mysteries of the original cultures thrived, making his work search for ways to represent the urban essence, connecting it with its cultural roots and with the force of nature.